From Friday, January 9th:

January 22, 2009

Today I cried while I ate my frosted mini-wheats. On a scale of one to ten, today sucked at around a fourteen. 

I want to go stick my head in a hole. Ostridges seem to like it. Maybe I’ll run away and become an ostridge. I don’t think my neck is long enough. If I were a giraffe, I could. Maybe. How do ostridges keep the sand out of their eyes?! I want some of those sand-proof-eyelids. They would’ve come in handy today as I dug my feet into the shot-put sand at Cedar Valley. 

What are the requirements to join a circus? I don’t want to join one of those lame circuses with the really old people and the lions that do sad tricks and the elephants that are forced to give smelly fat children rides. I want to join a circus where the stunts are way too exaggerated and the people are all young and flexible and the lights are too bright and technicolored……


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