What I’ve eaten today;

January 29, 2009

Now, before you go all berserk and accuse me of anorexia, I want to start off this post by saying that I am not doing this to change my weight; I’m only doing this so I can take note of how much shit I eat a day, and laugh at myself later when I have heart disease.

  • Grande Chai Tea Laté
  • A quarter of Tarissa’s Monster
  • Three and three-fourths doughnuts
  • Some potato salad
  • Four vegetarian sausages
  • Seven servings of crackers
  • Some cashews and macadamia nuts


After three hours of AP English III and AP US History, I’ve learned two things today, only one of which I will actually use in my day-to-day life.

First, I’ve learned that in the late 1800s, if you didn’t consume alcohol, you were called a “teetotaler”. Second, macadamia nuts are GOOD. Why have I been avoiding macadamia cookies for so long?


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