Four Days After

February 28, 2009

My mom flew down to Texas this morning for the court hearing.

I met a million more people today. One is quasi-gorgeous, addicted to taking his pulse, and has more knowledge on the themes of the Matrix than I do (which is saying something, considering I spent half a semester watching and analyzing the trilogy in philosophy). His friend sat across from me, and talked less than I did. The guy next to me tried LSD. The one across from him was a bit too much like Mike Newton. They all heard the story of breaking into Alec’s house, as per my sister’s awkward introduction (“This is my sister. She once broke and entered in the name of cream cheese!”). I can’t remember any of their names, save Frank, who tried LSD.

I got a hug from one of my my sister’s friends in the grocery store. He had a tapeworm, once.

This is what I look like today:

I look pretty ferocious.

I’m going to go make sushi, watch Ouran, and then go to a gay party and a hippie potluck.



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