Late Nights and Caffeinated Beverages,

March 21, 2009

While cleaning out My Documents, I found this. I wrote it about three months ago (?) and I found it mildly interesting. I hope you enjoy my steadily deteriorating grammar and spelling as a result of simultaneous hyperness and tireness. And, here we go…

 Hi. My name is Michelle, and it is 1:35 in the morning. I am all hyped up on the kind of caffeine they put in jugs of green tea (that really should be better announced), and as a result of doing nothing but playing six hours of pokemon today.

Why am I writing this? Simple. My dad is a fucktard, and turned off the internet, so I can’t talk to people. I just have to sit here by myself and type to myself because it’s a little lonely at 1:37 in the morning (that took me two minutes!)

I also want to see how crack-like I am when I wake up and read this and laugh at how stupert I am.

Okay. This is boring. No strange werid awkward epitphanies are pouring out of my brain / soul. Maybe I need one of those tabs they have on jugs of water or barrels of wine in the cellers of france that my daddy likes but I hate because alcoholism is bad and I know because said father is one of those and I am kind of really bored so I’m not punchuating this and oh I turned off spell check so I cal type studlyperstly and now I’m just bored and annoyed and my fingers are sore and I want to play more Pokemon.



Lets play metaphysical blalls games!


1) play pokemon.

I like this one. Let’s do it.

2) go turn internet back on.

Has downsides. 1, could get caught and never be able to do it again, fail. Also, have to type qurlyyly.

3) APUSH Studying


4) sleep



Pokemon it iz!


Or I could just keep typing this and laolwoling at it tomorwroz. I’m supporty sot habgn out with sarah tomorrow but I think I will wiat iuntil like after four becrcause I want sto sleep in and sutwgff but I also want to hang out with sarah and write more feake apush chapters because those are mos funny o mean rsly its li ke lol hahahae so ioky

I todnt think anyone casn read this I tlooks like a drunk texat message and I awamt to mhgo play polemon mnow








One Response to “Late Nights and Caffeinated Beverages,”

  1. Sarah Larsonageishful Says:

    I just read this and it was hilarious. XD

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