Helpful tips…?

March 29, 2009

If I ever start a YouTube account, I’ll want to fill it with assorted helpful tips.
For example, the numerous uses extra virgin olive oil has.

Things of that sort.

Or, I could just keep them all to myself and reveal them at opportune moments to impress friends.


RIGHT. SO, IT’S 4:00 on Sunday afternoon. And I have yet to write my paper. I was planning on writing it on Saturday, and I did begin (sort of). But then we went to the dining hall for lunch, and met up with Jared, and then we played Quelf, and then Malinda had to do some work, and I was going to, too, but it started snowing, so Jared and I went outside in the snow, and then we found a decrepit basement and were intrigued, and then Malinda was going to take Jared to the grocery store to buy food, and he asked if I wanted to watch a movie, and I’m like, HEY FREE FOOD and, you know, socializing is good for people, so I did, and then Malinda picked me up and took me to her friend Darin’s house, and by the time we got back it was 11:30.

And then I woke up SUPER EARLY (5:45) today, so I listened to VLR, and then I was PLANNING on writing my essay, and I sort of started, but then I checked YouTube and saw in the box for recommended a tutorial for skin care (@ Michelle Phan), and then I got mildly obsessed with all of these natural remedies for skin and makeup tutorials and then it was eight and I took a shower, and then my sister woke up, and then my mom wanted to go to the store to buy juice, and I wanted to get some of the stuff I saw in the videos, and then we went to Brunch with my sister’s friend Cullen and his family and then I got back about an hour ago and… well… I don’t really know what I’ve been doing for an hour.

SO, IT’S 4:06 AND I HAVE TO FINISH BY SEVEN, because Malinda wants me to go with her to watch a movie with Jared and his friends.

AND I CAN’T NOT FINISH, because I’m already a week late (it was due the Friday before spring break, but I haggled my way into another deadline).



…Or, you know, I could just… sit here for another two hours. And then panic.


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