Day 5: Harvesting Robert Pattinson

April 5, 2009

Thought of the day: I wish it was possible to farm and harvest Robert Pattinson. Really. It would solve so many problems for women. I’m going to call this project “Harvesbert”.  Make it happen, world. If you can invent an iPod smaller than my thumb and LED sheep art, I’m sure fields of Pattinson fetuses would be possible.

On a completely related note, I watched Twilight last night, for the second time. And it made me realize something that I feel is insanely important: there’s no point in hating it. You can hate the people surrounding it and the fame it’s receiving, but that doesn’t detract from the brilliance of it all. Sure, it’s not the best written book in the world and the fact that Edward is seemingly flawless is annoying, but that’s not all it’s about, is it? It’s about love and lust.  It’s about heartbreak and uncertainty and fascination and vampires. It’s about fighting the desire to kill your very reason for living. Even though I hate the fangirls surrounding the series and I hate the ending and I hate the way it’s written, I can’t deny the resplendence of the situation.

I get exponentially annoyed when girls stick up their noses and scoff at Twilight. When boys roll their eyes and pass it off as exactly what the fangirls make it out to be. When people denounce Edward as having no personal character flaws. That’s where they’re wrong, though–He does have flaws. He’s uncertain of himself, he’s fenced off emotionally, and, if you will, he’s incredibly creepy. But he’s not perfect. Bella just sees him that way, and we’re experiencing the story though her eyes.

There’s no point in hating something so vehemently in order to save face. Disliking something for it’s popularity is just as bad as conformity–it’s the anti-conformity. You’re only conforming with those who think they’re above it. Love it or hate it, it’s still an obsession.

Now, I’m not saying it’s not possible to genuinely dislike the series. I genuinely dislike Native Americans, but I don’t feel the need to roll my eyes whenever they’re mentioned, or express my antagonism. I keep it to myself. You should do the same.

Orders of Potato Olés this year: 9
Something notsome: Superiority
Something awesome: Soon We’ll Be Found, by Sia.


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