Day 6: Are you seriously getting out of bed to blog?

April 6, 2009

Yes, yes, I am. Because contrary to what it should be, and in spite of how nobody actually reads this, I’m dedicated to BEDA. Commitment is an attribute I admire most, and I honestly have very little of it. Which I am attempting to change, by blogging against my will.

I have a story idea. It’s for a young girl named Lucy, and she has bipolar disorder. I’m not going to say too much about it, because a) it could go horribly wrong, and b) I don’t plan on turning it into anything big. I’ve created her for a penpal project I’m planning on, and, more or less, she’s a lot like me. (On that note… I hope the kid I’m doing the project with isn’t reading this, because I’d really rather he didn’t make the connection… although I won’t bother hiding it too much.)

I read a speech today. I’m not sure who gave it, but it was a commencement speech. It centered on thought and perspective and open-mindedness. It’s really given me some insight into moods and people and the world in general… Of course, I say this all half-hearted, as my very own flesh and blood lies in the next room assuming that I’m pissed at her for not being talkative.

But, in all seriousness… What’s it all for? We try hard all of our lives for the future… for stuff we don’t need. Stuff that we think will make us happy. For people we think will make us happy. We’re social so people will like us. Does it really matter, though, if people like you or not? There are seven billion others just like you, wandering the earth, screaming for attention even if they’re not showing it.

No reoccurring bits today, sorry.


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