Day 13: Efficient Stalks!

April 13, 2009

It’s day 13. I wish I could hire my siblings to write my blog for me, like Charlie does ever so regularly. But I just asked my sister, and she said, “NOPE. I’M GOING TO BED”, so looks like I’m on my own for this one.

Well. Okay. Well. I have nothing to talk about, except that I joined a group entitled “Facebook has made my stalking 97% more efficient!”. I did this right after I added a large amount of people from my city. Lovely, lovely.

My sister is feral. I’m really having to work to type this. She’s currently chewing on my wing-bone with only my sweatshirt as a barrier.

Um. Anyway, I still have to create a PowerPoint and shower and watch more ouran because-I’m-so-obsessed tonight. But I will probably have to eliminate two of them, so ouran it is!

(Just kidding. Regardless of how much I love the series, I think personal hygene might be a little bit above it on the list of importance.)

La fin?


Orders of Potato Olés this year: 14
Something notsome: I didn’t do my powerpoint.
Something awesome: Ouran High School Host Club.


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