Day 16: Eyebrow Singe!!

April 16, 2009

Today, I was squishing my candle, Herbert, when I squeezed just a little too violently and he dilapidated. The fire went out immediately, so I wasn’t burned, but I was a little upset about his lackluster state. So I had the ingenious idea to rebuild him!

I started with a candy wrapper, wrapping it around Herbert and taping the bottom and sides shut. I removed Herbert and broke him down, then lit another, smaller candle to hold underneath the remains of Herbert and watch him drip into the canister I created. This went well for about an hour. When I was re-lighting my fourth-or-so smaller candle, I smelled burned hair, but I didn’t FEEL anything exactly. I knew it was on my face, but I figured it was just a small singe of the peach fuzz that grows on foreheads. I was wrong. It was my right eyebrow.

In conclusion, I would like to state that MELTING AND REMODELING CANDLES IS A REALLY BAD IDEA!! My right eyebrow is still pretty intact, but the hairs closer to my nose are shorter and a little brittle. Also, the candle looks like shit.

Here are some interesting tidbits I twittered while remoulding Herbert:

lalalaamichelle Curious: I named my candle ‘Herbert’. If I melt Herbert and remake him, is this a bit like a sex change? Should I rename him?

lalalaamichelle I just turned down a boy with the premise that I was really into melting a candle.

lalalaamichelle I just discovered that I singed half of my right eyebrow. Ehhrhrhrrrrfuck.


Friday pleasantries to you all and may you all discover the awesomeness that is Ouran High School Host Club.

(just saying.)

Now I will bid you adieu, as I really want to see if I can roast a marshmallow on my lighter.

Orders of Potato Olés this year: 15*!
Something notsome: My right eyebrow.
Something awesome: I feel productive!!

P.S. Mallochan told me she reads this, and I would like to take this space to say HI and CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME OURAN 3 AND 4 I’M GROWING DESPERATE. Thank you, I love you :)


* WHICH REMINDS ME, I tried a churro for the first time today. Oh, my, God, I love Mexicans.


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