Day 21: Nerimovement?

April 21, 2009

I stayed home from school today. Because of all this extra time, I was able to clean my room, take a shower, change my sheets, do some laundry, rearrange furniture, eat cake, finish my multimedia projects, get some papers printed, finish my history worksheet, and catch seven pokemon!! YEAHH!!1

I’m really trying to downsize the amount of time that I spend social networking. Or on the internet in general, I suppose. I don’t have a myspace, I stopped dailyboothing, I reduced the number of people that I follow on twitter and YouTube, and I’m actually considering deleting my facebook, as well. I probably won’t, though, because… I just can’t. Maybe I’ll delete a bunch of my friends from my news feed. It’s the Nerimon movement. Join it, or watch your brain turn INTO MUSH.

So, for the rest of my blog, I would like to talk about the nature of shoogamses. A “shoogams” is a person, of any gender, who radiates benevolence. Shoogamses are pure, and kind, and happy people. You can tell by looking at someone if they are a shoogams or not, but there are only two people in the world who are authorized to declare someone a shoogams: my sister and myself.

Now, shoogamses aren’t necessarily perfect people. Sometimes they’re a little lacking in the personality department or are a bit bland. Sometimes they’re annoying; soaking in human-sized butter dishes of  goodness and dripping with compassion. If you’re not in the right mood, you may be a bit put off by shoogamses at first, but it’s also possible for them to turn your mood around.

La fin, mes cheres.

Something awesome: I stayed home today.
Something notsome: I was bored today.


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