Day 24: Your Mother’s Breakfast!

April 24, 2009

Among the most ridiculous things in the world are sports and state pride. Why do we need a state flag? A state bird? A state flower? A state snack? I kid you not, Texas is now the official state for chips and salsa. I mean, if a state snack was absolutely necessary, couldn’t we have gone for something less cliché? Mexico is the fucking country of chips and salsa. The fact that we’re spending money out of our federal reserves in order to declare chips and salsa the state snack of Texas is really, really mental.

Completely unrelated, I’ve decided that people are really, really weird. I wonder how many people around me have strange, undiscussed lives they live while not sitting in the classroom. Can he play the harpsichord? Can she ride a unicycle? Write poetry? Speed reader? Pokémon master? Buddhist? Math genius? I guess the point I’m trying to make is that people always, always wear masks. You can spend an exponential amount of time with someone, and only get to know a fragment of their being, never fully the whole spectrum. Never who they are. What they’ve been through. Who they’ll become. I’m fascinated with this.

So, because I live in a somewhat clairvoyant environment, my brain monkeys sometimes like to disrupt my normal train of thought with bad, bad things. Like, for instance, I’ll be doing fine, eating some carrots, thinking about how I want to go home and read more Maureen Johnson, and all of a sudden one of my brain monkeys goes senile and screams, “FUCK! SEX! PORNOGRAPHY!” and today, while this particular brain monkey went crazy, another one attempted to calm it down by altering me of it’s presence, and promptly replying with “YOUR MOTHER’S BREAKFAST!!!”
Wait. Hold on. My mother’s breakfast?! Is that the best you can do, quieting brain monkey? Really? I’m disappointed.

Something awesome: It’s friday!
Something notsome: We’re out of cherry jam.


One Response to “Day 24: Your Mother’s Breakfast!”

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