Labyrinthine Sentence

May 13, 2009

   Contrary to the general teenage populace, my actions are not ruled by erotic tendencies, but by overwhelming amiable tactile inclinations; the strong, unorthodox impulses to graze and pet, produced by schoolboys with afros or buzz cuts, curly coils or soft bristles, as tactility satisfying as a warm, pudgy kitten or a Campus bunny, who are, as I imagine, as pleasantly plump as my pillow, cushioning my fingertips and springing unexplainable desires to devour, consume, if not immerse myself within; similar to the attraction of excalceation, mud between my toes and grass beneath my feet, I want to spray and splash and play with elephants, slippery when wet but crinkled when dry… these are a few of my favorite things, those tangible, palpable, physical things.


2 Responses to “Labyrinthine Sentence”

  1. Linda Says:

    Did you write this??? When did you get better than me?! ;o

    • Yeah, I did.
      I was never really better than you, Linda. You’re still the one I copied my homework from in the morning.

      But I do like to think that writing is my forte.

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