In Defence of Fanfiction,

June 28, 2009

I know a lot of people out there despise fanfiction. They see it as stealing someone else’s work, or as a lack of creativity or imagination. But… Honestly? I think they need to open their minds a little.

There are a lot of fanfiction writers out there who are better than the real thing. Yeah, they’re borrowing the characters and their personalities, but the stuff they make up? It’s their own. Not to mention they get a ready-made fan base of people who like to write as well. Simple, easy feedback. Fanfiction allows a fandom to continue to grow, and lets readers experience what it would be like if this or that happened in a series. It’s a fantastic outlet for Draco/Hermione fans, because honestly? That would’ve never happened. JK Rowling herself said she had no problem with fanfiction. In fact, she said she secretly enjoys it from time to time. She thinks it’s great that there are people creating and growing as writers because of what she put out there in the first place.

So, really? If you hate it, keep it to yourself. It’s a great way to grow as a writer. Fanfictions are the training wheels on the bicycle of the authorial world.


6 Responses to “In Defence of Fanfiction,”

  1. Zerolr Says:

    Amen. Sister, amen…

  2. Sarah Says:

    I completely agree. Sure there are plenty of crappy fanfictions out there, and while I don’t make a habit of reading fan-fictions I’ll admit I have read some GREAT ones.

    In my early days on the internet I used to hunt crappy Zelda fanfictions for sport. I never flamed them or anything, I just read them for the lulz.

    Sorry for replying to old posts… >.>;

    • Michelle Says:

      OMG. There are Zelda fanfictions?
      …are they as bad as the Zelda cartoon show? Because… that was pretty terrible. Link was all, “EXCUUUUUSEEEEE ME, Princess!” every ten minutes. I still enjoyed it, but I’m not going to deny that it was pretty awful.

      • Sarah Says:

        lol, A lot of them are WORSE than the cartoon show. :-P But I did read one or two good ones.

        You should watch this compilaton of all the times Link says “Excuse me, Princess!” I can’t help cracking up at it. And yeah, I’ll admit I enjoyed the cartoon show as well. My sisters and I checked out some of the dvds from the children’s section at Family Video this summer. I was surprised that some of it was genuinely funny! And the rest of it was so bad that we laughed anyway.

        • Michelle Says:

          AHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA That video is amazing. Oh man.
          I barely remember the show. My best friend and I watched it all in one go very late at night a long time back. It *was* pretty amusing at the time, but sort of in the oh-my-god-this-is-awful way. I did really enjoy the “swing your arms, from side to side COME ON IT’S TIME TO GO DO THE MARIO” outtro, though.

          I wonder if someone’s made a compilation of Naruto’s equally annoying “BELIEEEEVE IT”. I’ve recently started watching that show. :D

          • Sarah Says:

            I FOUND ONE!11!! :D

            Yeah, I love the Mario dance outro! I think the actor who did it died recently, though. At least, according to the youtube poop tribute videos.

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