July 11, 2009

BEST DREAM EVER OR BEST DREAM EVER? It starts off in a small room, dark. I’m sitting on the floor, and hayleyghoover, for some reason, is my cousin, and she’s also in the room. It’s common knowledge between us that the Harry Potter 6 premiere is at four in the afternoon on the next day. Not sure what time it is, but she’s trying to go to bed, and I’m flipping though the book. She mentions how she needs to get enough sleep to watch the movie, but decides, “fuck it!” and joins me.

We go to the movie. It was great.

After the movie the entire cast is there (by there, I mean a room that sort of resembles my middle school gym)… Most of them, anyway. Rupert and Dan and Emma are missing, and I can’t see Tom Felton. This disappoints me. It’s just Maggie Smith and Michael Gambon (who’s in full costume, of course). I think at this point, my hair is long, red, and wavy (unimportant–but it looks like this girl’s*). I’m exiting the room to go hang out with Mallory and Zeke and a couple other people, and that’s when I see Felton. He’s walking towards Gambon and the others. QUE EYE CONTACT. -Walk, walk walk-. We break it as we pass each other. After a few steps, I look back, and he’s also looking back. INTERNAL FANGIRLISH GIGGLESCREAM. Wooooo.

I go sit down next to Mallory and Zeke and the other people in the room next to CeVMS gym. I’m like, “Fuck, guys, I just saw TOM FUCKING FELTON. AND WE HAD A MOMENT.” And they’re supportive actors and are like, “Ooooooooooh!” Of course, they don’t go after them themselves, because in my mind, my friends don’t do that. Although, if they did, I’d totally understand. I MEAN, TOM FELTON. And it’s not like I OWN HIM (I do own DREAM!FELTON, though. Back off. Mine.).

Anyway… So we’re sitting there, on the floor, and GUESS WHO WALKS UP. YEAH, YOU’RE RIGHT. He sits down across from us. I, of course, turn bright pink. I tell him my name is something that it’s not (it was my name in the dream, though), and… I really don’t remember this part. All I remember is being really flustered, and we exchanged numbers. BECAUSE MOVIE STARS DO THAT OR SOMETHING.
Okay. So, turns out I gave him the number to my SCHOOL which is, at this point, more like McNeil than FHS ever will be, but that’s only because it’s newer and it’s got Mallory in it. SO, right, I’m skipping class so I can  talk to TOM FELTON on the PHONE. And it was MAGICAL. And then I gave him my CELL NUMBER and something about aliens and moon craters that I don’t really remember because it wasn’t interesting.

* She’s a friend of a girl I have added on facebook. I don’t know her. I’m not going to lie, I feel creepy posting that. But I REALLY, REALLY want her hair.


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