July 13, 2009

I totally take back what I said about my last dream. Last night (or rather, this morning) was the awesomest dream ever.

Mallory and her boyfriend were there, and we were ALL GETTING ALONG which never really happens in real life. And then JOHN GREEN showed up and we hung out because he’s friends with Scott Westerfeld, who was also there. Yeah. I WAS FRIENDS WITH JOHN GREEN IN MY DREAM. Ah. There was a guy, too, and he was pretty attractive. I think Dream!me had a boyfriend, he kept holding me. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something. FUCK YOU, SUBCONSCIOUS.

There was something in this dream about a really fat cartoon black girl wearing a LiveLavaLive t-shirt (WHY DO I KEEP DREAMING ABOUT YOUTUBERS? THIS IS GETTING EMBARRASSING).

And then I went to go pet this dog. And… she was cute. At one point I was like, “Maybe it’s a horse!” which doesn’t make sense because she was a really small dog. And something about some tennis guy flirting with one of my old friends by giving her this yellow plastic thing, and I was like, “He’s cute, you should go for it!” and she was like, “Nah, I had sex with [insert her new boyfriend’s name] last night, not gonna happen for this guy.” And… The dog was really cute.


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