Sometimes I MAKE THINGS!

August 5, 2009

Yes, I have a DEVIANTART. This is because I really like Fruits Basket and Ouran HSHC and Avatar and STALKING ARTISTS.

…No, actually, I just got it so I could view the “mature content”, which, in actuality, is more like suggestive than mature. Like, the worse I’ve seen is Zuko with A LOT OF HAIR. It was pretty disturbing. But, you couldn’t actually SEE ANYTHING… So… YEAH.

 I actually started making Wallpapers and stuff on it recently, mostly because now that I have my Baby Gnorbu, I no longer have anything to do on the interwebs. That and I couldn’t find any really cool Akito Wallpapers. So I made one.

Right now, I’ve got one of  Yuki, Akito, Tohru/Yuki, and BELLATRIX LESTRANGE. Because, let’s face it… Helena Bonham Carter is the SHIT.

So… Here it is:


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