Teacher’s Pet

September 17, 2009

So, here I am in the school’s “learning lab”, not wanting to write anything because of the prying eyes of the people around me. I’m the only one not working, because I’m the only one who’s done. But I have this beautiful iMac in front of me and this beautiful keyboard in front of me and how can I not write?!

The thing about this class is that the teacher favors me so much that it’s kind of awkward. The other day, when I asked for a pass to interview Hosbond, she asked me for advice with her lesson plan. ME. As if I can make a more informed decision on when our papers are due (of course, I lobbied for a day after she had set, just to spend some extra time with this beautiful computer).

But it gets weirder. She always calls on me in class, and she always comes over and praises me for my work (just now she handed me back my paper and said, “this was a very, very, very good one.” The rest of the class only gets their name and their paper, or occasionally a “some of you sounded like you had no idea what you were talking about!”), and all the people around just kind of look at me with expressions mingled with either envy or curiosity. It’s like, for what? Because I have proper grammar and I don’t write like a bozo?

The source of this peculiarity is Hosbond: during the first week of school, after exchanging hellos in the hallway as I passed, he asked me how I liked the year so far.

“It’s… well, it sucks,” I said, honestly, “but I like my AP Lit class, though.”

Hosbond just grinned at me and said, with his usual airy manner, “Ooh! You’ve got all the good teachers this year. I’ve been telling them all, ‘oh! you’ve got Michelle! You’re so lucky!'” Then he smiled with half of his mouth and the awesomeness radiating off of him was tangible enough to stuff in a jar and keep under my bed.

Quite frankly, NOTHING IN THE WORLD compares to being praised by someone you stalk (“You guys are the funniest drivers ever“), but when it comes in a constant stream from, well, regular people, it’s just downright weird. I still like it, yeah, and I still use it to my advantage when I come in tardy and pretend I had some important authorial duties to take care of, but that doesn’t stop it from being so strange.

Back at my own school, I was lucky to get a “I like the sarcasm” or a “very good”, but here, they’re so common that it makes me wonder what kind of fucking idiots I’m passing in the hallway every day.


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