Strange Dreams?

October 3, 2009

I woke up this morning, freaking out because I thought I was late for school. After debating with myself about laying there for one more second or getting up to check the time, I realized it was SATURDAY. By then, however, I was so awake that I couldn’t fall back asleep. And that’s when I remembered my dream.

I’d like to write a story about it, but I really want to play sims… so, I’ll just give you the details.

Kuzco and Yzma are running up a set of windy, stone stairs. Kuzco is chasing her, but not because Yzma’s trying to steal his money/throne/emperor-status/etc.
“I trusted you!” Yzma shouts, as she runs further out of reach, “maybe not with the money, or the throne, but I trusted you.” Tears are running, not from her eyes, but from her eyebrows. Kuzco doesn’t know what to say.  “Just admit it, Kuzco. Ever since you thought that maybe I could actually be a human, you’ve cared.”
Kuzco looks at her. She certainly did look human. She was smaller without her shoes, and much, much younger. Her skin was pale, and her red hair was short and straight. Turns out her usual form was just a cover. Her voice was no longer raspy and cold, either. It was sweet, like honey, turned sour in anguish.


That’s the end. Weeeeeeell, it was a pretty strange dream. I think Spongebob was in it earlier. I also remember yelling at Mallory, but that wasn’t part of the Kuzco dream.


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